SRED Awards on the occasion of CNGH 2022

On the occasion of the National Congress of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Digestive Endoscopy, Bucharest 2022, SRED awarded the following prizes: First Prize. Miruna Olar Award, S. Bolboaca, C. Pojoga, O. Mosteanu, M. Gheorghiu, R. Seicean, I. Rusu, Z. Sparchez, N. AlHajjar, A. Seicean. THE CONTRAST-ENHANCED ENDOSCOPIC ULTRASOUND GUIDED FINE NEEDLE ASPIRATION UTILITY IN THE DIAGNOSIS OF PANCREATIC CYSTS Second Prize. Theodor Voiosu, M. Birligea, A. Voiosu, A. Bengus, M. Rimbas, G. Bajdechi, D. Marica, M. State, RB. Mateescu. MORE THAN ONE WAY TO SKIN A CAT: MANAGEMENT OF PERIPANCREATIC FLUID COLLECTIONS IN A TERTIARY REFERRAL CENTER Third Prize. Stefania Bunduc, N. Ged, V. Szilard, V. Lilik, MF Juhasz, B.Eross, Z. Szakacs, C. Gheorghe, A. Miko, P. Hegyi. CIRCULATING CELL-FREE DNA BIOMARKERS ARE ASSOCIATED WITH POOR PROGNOSIS IN PANCREATIC ADENOCARCINOMA - A SYSTEMATIC REVIEW AND META-ANALYSIS Mention 1. Mihai Rimbas, SF Crinò, MC Conti Bellocchi, R Dimitri, F Inzani, A Lisotti, G Manfredi, AYB Teoh, B. Mangiavillano, O. Sendino, L. Bernardoni, E. Manfrin, D.Scimeca, E. Unti, A. Carlino, T Voiosu, BR Mateescu, C. Popp, P. Fusaroli, S. Lega, E. Buscarini, L. Pergola, SM Chan, L. Lamonaca, À. Ginès, G. Fernández-Esparrach, A. Facciorusso, A. Larghi. WET-SUCTION VERSUS SLOW-PULL TECHNIQUE FOR ENDOSCOPIC ULTRASOUND-GUIDED FINE-NEEDLE BIOPSY OF SOLID INJURIES: A MULTICENTER, RANDOMIZED, CROSSOVER TRIAL. Mention 2. Anamaria Pop, A. Tantau, A.Mandrutiu, I.Rekik, A.M.Tantau. ZENKER’S PERORAL ENDOSCOPIC MYOTOMY (Z-POEM) FOR MANAGEMENT OF LARGE ZENKER’S DIVERTICULUM. The SRED awards consist of: Prize 1. Participation in ESGE Days 2023. Prize 2. Participation in Digestive Endoscopy 2022. Prize 3. Participation in the National Congress of Gastroenterology, Hepatology and Digestive Endoscopy Iasi 2023. Mention. One hundred euro. CONGRATULATIONS EVERYONE!!!  


This year, on the occasion of the SRED General Assembly, which will take place on June 30, 2022, from 16.00 to 17.00, in the congress halls of the Crowne Plaza Hotel, the elections of the members of the Board of Directors of SRED and the President of SRED will take place. The elections will be held according to the SRED Statute, which can be consulted on the website, the minimum eligibility criteria for these positions being: 1. SRED member for at least 3 years 2. Specialist gastroenterologist or competent in digestive endoscopy, with proven clinical activity in the field of diagnostic and / or therapeutic digestive endoscopy 3. National and international prestige demonstrated by participation in national and international congresses of gastroenterology and digestive endoscopy, with papers in the field of diagnostic and / or therapeutic digestive endoscopy 4. Scientific research activity demonstrated by the publication of articles in international journals listed ISI (minimum 5), respectively development of grants obtained through competition (including ESGE grants) or multicenter clinical trials (minimum 1), in the field of diagnostic and / or digestive endoscopy therapeutic 5. Demonstrated activity in support of SRED, by supporting the SRED website (including clinical cases for the Case of the Month section), the organization of congresses and workshops under the auspices of SRED, multicenter research studies organized under the auspices of SRED, etc. . ” Candidates will send a short CV on 1/2 page, until June 28 inclusive, to the e-mail address of the SRED secretariat.


TRAINING FOR MINIMALLY INVASIVE INTERVENTIONAL ENDOSCOPY PROCEDURES Program Coordinator: Prof. Dr. Cristian Gheorghe Course Director: Prof. Dr. Mircea Diculescu Speakers: Prof. Dr. Cristian Gheorghe Prof. Dr. Eugen Dumitru Conf. Dr. Mircea Mănuc Dr. Ion Băncilă Dr. Bogdan Cotruță Dr. Dan Pițigoi Dr. Răzvan Iacob Dr. Dorin Pietrăreanu Dr. Ionuț Saizu The workshop includes practical lectures on minimally invasive interventional endoscopy and an ex-vivo pig-model hands-on training session. The participants will be familiarized with different endoscopic techniques and the use of the endoscopy accessories for: • Polypectomy • Band ligation • Foreign body removal • Hemostatic clips • Argon plasma coagulation • Electroresection principles • Submucosal injection • Use of the hemostatic powder (HEMOSPRAY®) • Percutaneous endoscopic gastrostomy Gastroenterology specialists and gastroenterology fellows in training familiar with basic endoscopy procedures (endoscopy course certificate is necessary) are invited to apply for participation. SRED MEMBERS BENEFITS. THE NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS IS LIMITED. FOR REGISTRATION DETAILS: Organizator logistic EMMA TRAVEL PROGRAMME – 17th June 2022 08.00-08.30 REGISTRATION 08.30-09.00 WELCOME AND INTRODUCTION – Mircea DICULESCU, Cristian GHEORGHE. PRESENTATION OF THE PARTICIPANTS 9.00– 11.15 THEORETICAL SESSION – PRACTICAL ASPECTS OF THE MINIMALLY INVASIVE ENDOSCOPIC PROCEDURES – PART I (CEMT 4th FLOOR) • ENDOSCOPIC POLYPECTOMY – Eugen DUMITRU, Cristian GHEORGHE • SUBMUCOSAL INJECTION – Mircea MĂNUC • ARGON PLASMA COAGULATION – Cristian GHEORGHE • ELECTROSURGICAL UNIT SETTINGS – Cristian GHEORGHE, Bogdan COTRUŢĂ, Ana DOICESCU 13.30-14.00 LUNCH BREAK 14.00-18.00 HANDS-ON SESSION – PORCINE EX-VIVO MODEL (CEMT Ground Floor – EXPERIMENTAL SURGERY CENTER) • Polypectomy • Submucosal injection • Argon Plasma Coagulation • Foreign body removal • Band ligation • Hemostatic clips • PEG / PEG-J • HEMOSPRAY® • Endoscopy training simulator (upper gastrointestinal endoscopy and colonoscopy diagnostic and therapeutic procedures) – Ionuţ SAIZU 18.00-18.30 Conclusions, Discussion

EUS-Skyline Global Event

Dr Alberto Larghi and Prof Schalk van der Merwe are pleased to invite you to join the EUS-Skyline Global Event. A full day immersion into diagnostic and therapeutic EUS procedures, with focus on indications, technical tips and tricks, and newly developed accessories. The first edition of EUS Skyline Event will be accessible both online wherever you are and onsite. A rich program of live procedures, lectures, and debates: all broadcasted online from all five Continents. Attendance in presence will be available in Rome and Leuven, guaranteeing you to follow the whole event and immediately share opinions, point of views, questions, with onsite experts. We cannot wait to start! Register now and reserve your seat.


ROMANIA'S TEAM ON PODIUM AT ESGE CUP 2022 FINAL! The Romanian team, made up of the four young endoscopists (Tudor Moga - Timisoara, Cristina Tocia - Constanta, Alexandru Constantinescu - Bucharest, Iuliana Nenu - Cluj-Napoca), qualified for the semifinals, obtaining the honorable LOC 3 in the ESGE CUP 2022 FINAL. Friendly competition it covered 13 participating countries and took place in Prague during ESGE DAYS 2022. The scores obtained in the final were the following: 1. ISRAEL 725 points 2. BELGIUM 575 points 3. ROMANIA 475 points 4. PORTUGAL 350 points Congratulations and good luck to the young participants who represented Romania at the ESGE CUP 2022 FINAL! Who’s gonna win the ESGE CUP next year?

National Congress of Surgery 2022

From June 8 to 11, 2022, the National Congress of Surgery will take place in Sinaia. After two difficult years of dealing with the pandemic, we hope to be able to organize the congress with a physical presence. Regarding the topic "Advances in the surgical treatment of cancer" I chose it especially considering that it is the area that has suffered perhaps the most during this period. As usual, pre-congress courses will be organized with the participation of renowned specialists, surgeons but also oncotherapists and imagers from the country and abroad. We will have dedicated sessions on surgical oncology of the digestive tract and appendages, other forms of cancer. There will be round tables in the field of oncology with various topics, in order to discuss current therapeutic protocols. I am convinced that each of us will be able to present our experience and learn new things. Apart from the scientific side, we all want to resume the face-to-face socialization that we have been missing so much lately. I invite you to participate in large numbers in the congress.   Best regards, President of the Romanian Society of Surgery Professor TRAIAN PĂTRAȘCU

5th Athens International Symposium on Digestive Diseases 2022, ATHENS, Greece

To the Romanian Society of Gastrointestinal Endoscopy (SRED) Dear President, Dear Members, On behalf of the Organizers of the 5th AISDD – ATHENS INTERNATIONAL SYMPOSIUM 2022 which will take place on Friday & Saturday July 1-2, 2022 in Athens-Greece, together with our official organizing scientific body the Asian Institute of Gastroenterology, and Prof. Nageshwar Reddy, please allow us to share with you a specially designed offer of FREE registration for the members of your society. Don’t miss the 5th AISDD 1-2 July 2022. It is a great meeting in Greek Summertime! Kind regards, PCO of 5th AISDD 2022 1-2 July 2022, Athens - Greece Visit us online at: